WizMart DC Smoke Alarm

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WizMart DC Smoke Alarm

Smoke Alarm (Driven by 3V Lithium Battery)

NB740 Smoke AlarmsĀ 


- Provide battery powered smoke detection and alarm functions within a single unit.

- Don not require a main supply and are suitable for general residential applications.

- Photoelectric smoke sensing chamber technology

- Smoke chamber fault monitoring

- Test & Hush feature in a single button

- Test condition verifies battery and alarm operations

- Hush feature reduce smoke sensitivity if the alrm is not real fire. Hush times is 9mins.

- Alarm memory in-cooperated to allows identifying of a unit that has previouslt been in Alarm condition

- Loud 85dB sounder to alert occupants

- Sealed 3V Lithium Battery with 10 years life

- Power is automatically disconnected when the unit is remove from mounting base

- 30 days low battery warning signal

- Easy installation, Low Maintenance, Low quiescent current consumption