9 Things You Should Do When There Is Fire In Your Vicinity


9 Things You Should Do When There Is Fire In Your Vicinity

9 Things You Should Do When There Is Fire In Your Vicinity

The fire had been ranked as one of the most destructive and dangerous hazards that continually caused countless deaths and injuries around the world. Living in a world with inevitable possibilities of fire dangers, Singapore Fire Protection would like to share some essential tips that will help and prepare you for an occurrence of fire in the building you're in.

Without further ado, here are the 10 things you should do during the critical times of fire danger!


1. Do not panic.

Although this may sound simple, one may stray into a panic during the desperate and critical time. It is important to have an alert mind during this alarming situation. Thus, you would be required to stay calm, gather your thoughts and execute the plans to keep yourself and everyone safe. Keep your focus on two objectives: Safety and escape the vicinity.


2. Call the firefighting department

It is incredibly essential to inform everyone about the fire. Push the fire button and call the firefighting team. Never assume that someone had already called for the fire rescue.


3. Safety First, Valuable Second

If you are trapped, ensure that you are situated in the strongest part of the building (Such as the supporting wall pillars. In case of any occurrence of wall collapse.) and window openings. Leave your valuables behind if needed during the emergency, never compromise on your safety.

Hence, call the fire department, provide your location and details as this would allow the fire rescue team to locate you faster. Thus, cutting down the risk and time of rescue.


4. Find the exit

Find the nearest exit. Follow the building premises fire escape plan on leading you to the nearest exit of the vicinity.


5. Follow the appointed fire safety personnel

If there is someone who is familiar with the building's fire exit routes it would be the appointed fire safety personnel in your building or company. The appointed fire safety personnel are trained and in-charge of the tenants' safety. Thus, allow them to guide you to the nearest and safest exit.


6. Evacuate using the stairs. Do not use elevators.

During the fire, it is best to avoid using the elevators due to the chances of elevator breaking down and being trap within the vicinity. Evacuate using the stairs to the nearest fire exit.


7. Stay away from the building at least a 100 feet away

Despite making an escape from the vicinity, it is important you keep a safe distance away from the building due to the chances of walls or structure collapsing.


8. Do a head count

After making an escape, it is important to do a head count to make everyone is accounted for and deemed safe.


9. Do not re-enter the building

Once you are out, suppress your urge to enter the building to save the other. The best you could do is to provide the location and details to the fire rescue team which you think your friends or family may be trapped at.


With the above information, Singapore Fire Protection hopes every individual had gained the knowledge in preparing yourself if there is an occurrence of fire danger in the vicinity.