About Us

About Us

Singapore Fire Protection Pte Ltd offers a range of fire protection services to commercial and residential customers. We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment. Our fire protection experts will guide and advise you to ensure that you stay compliance with the local fire safety requirements.

Our Mission Statement

We seek to provide the essential fire protection needed for survival of our customers.

Our Vision Statement

We aim to make people and their environment safe.

Core Values

Our values reflect who we are and what we stand for as a company.

Customer Commitment

We build partnerships that put customers’ safety at the heart of everything we do.


We provide quality products and superior service, that together deliver premium value to our clients.


Our Team was founded upon the principle of integrity and this guides our every action.


We believe healthy relationships start with respect and appreciate every opportunity to work with our clients.


Our clients can always count on our honest – we won’t always have the answers, but we will always be candid, sincere, and authentic.


In Company Building

What should I do?

You should look for a Fire Exit immediately and head to the ground floor (avoid using lifts), if the smoke is already spreading, keep your head low and move quickly.

What happens when you run down to the 10th floor and find out that the source of the fire is on the 9th floor?

Do not attempt to go past the fire source as the temperature could go up to 1000 °C. Do not stay anywhere in the levels close to the fire source, as temperatures can go up to few hundred Degree Celsius. (You will have a better chance at survival with a wet towel.)
At Home

1. Kitchen

What happens if a fire starts in your cooking pot while you are cooking?

Very quickly, get the pot cover and from the direction, you are facing, quickly cover up the pot. Immediately after, off the fire.

You need to cover up the pot before the fire ignites your exhaust hood. Once the exhaust hood is ignited, you need to leave immediately and make a police report as a large amount of oil in the exhaust hood will make it a situation you are no longer able to control.

If your clothes or body gets ignited by the hot cooking oil, you should…

Immediately take off the clothes on fire and warn all family members do not attempt to put out the fire with water.

If after taking off your clothes, the fire is still burning on your body, (even if the fire is not caused by cooking oil), do not attempt to use water to put out the fire. The fats under your skin are oil too and if you pour water on yourself, your flesh and skin will burst. Do not use your hands to put out the fire either.

If you do not have a Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher or a pile of yellow sand, the next most feasible method to save yourself would be to roll yourself in a thick cotton quilt – thick enough to isolate the air trapped between you and the quilt from the outside air so that the fire dies down. Also, do not use rice, salt or other substances that look like yellow sand to try to stop the fire as these substances will explode in the wounds of the victim.

Also, if your wounds stick to the blanket, make sure to transport yourself and blanket together to the hospital and leave the separation to the doctor. Do not let your family members separate yourself from the blanket or it will cause huge wounds on your body.

What should you do when you smell a gas leak in your house?

Firstly, open the windows to ensure that you will not suffocate due to a lack of oxygen. Secondly, switch off the master switch connected to the gas stove. Thirdly, take your phone and go downstairs to call the police.

Natural flammable gas has no smell and hence it is safer to install a gas leak detector. The alarm sound from the detector should be loud enough to wake you and your family members.

If you return home at night and hear the detector’s alarm, do not on the lights as this action will cause your life in an explosion.

2. Electrical Appliances

Off the televisions and computers completely

There was a man who was used to off his television by just using the remote control. As his television was strained in the standby mode, a fire started and he lost his house.
About Fire Extinguishers

Uses of Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher:

Lift, lift the fire extinguisher while holding on to the handle. Pull, pull out the safety pin Aim, aim at the source of the fire, standing at least 1.5 meters away from the fire Press, press and hold on to the spraying device and cover up the fire source with the dry powder. Just in case, you should continue spraying a little longer. After one use, you will need to refill the fire extinguisher.

Aluminium Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers' life expectancy is 30 years (the powder should be changed every 3 years and also immediately after use) while Metal Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers' life expectancy is 5 years (the powder should be changed every 1 year and also immediately after use). Take note to hold the Metal Fire Extinguishers from the side and not the bottom. This is because moisture causes the metal to rust and the powder to form clumps. These clumps will not be able to exit from the nozzle and will hence be released from the bottom rusted parts. Holding the fire extinguisher at the bottom will thus send your fingers flying.